Safety, mental health and the safety paradox

Currently, RUOK day and Mates in Construction dominate health and safety social media (and quite rightly and importantly so). This is part of broader conversation in health and safety about mental health and well-being, with increasing calls to address mental health and well-being more explicitly in health and safety legislation.
But as the health and safety industry turns its mind to the very important issue of mental health in the workplace, perhaps we need to take a step back and reconsider the role that health and safety has in mental health – not necessarily improving it but contributing to psychological harm at work.
You can read more of this article HERE.

One thought on “Safety, mental health and the safety paradox

  1. Excellent though primer Greg, can you imagine…..while we are on the cusp of legalizing marijuana in Canada, the A&D testing will only proliferate . Safety managers will feel justified in testing for every little infraction and those with a genuine problem will be even more motivated to hide injuries and incidents. Thanks for the “mental paradox” I will use it to ask better questions! Frank

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