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Greg Smith is the Principal of Wayland Legal, a niche legal practice specialising in employment and WHS advice.

He has spent more than two decades specialising in safety and health management, focusing on helping clients to understand organisational and individual responsibility for safety and health, and implement and verify processes to discharge those responsibilities.

Greg is an international award winning author and qualified lawyer who has worked as a partner and legal practitioner in some of Australia’s leading law firms. In addition to his legal experience, Greg has worked as the Principal Safety Advisor for Woodside Energy Limited. In that role, he reported to the Vice President Safety and Health, and was responsible for the ongoing development and implementation of Woodside’s global safety management strategy. Greg also teaches accident prevention as part of the School of Public Health, Health, Safety and Environment at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia.

Greg is the author of the book, Management Obligations for Safety and Health (More information), co-author of Risky Conversations: The Law, Social Psychology and Risk  (More information) and editor of Contractor Safety Management (More information).

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Brilliant you guys are coming to WA! This book goes ‘straight to the poolroom’ thanks Greg 🙂

  2. Just read your article “Safety risk and safety data: Exploring management line of sight”. Authentic and insightful! Typically, when I am engaged by a new client, I find examples of disconnect between knowledge / data and reliable systemic responses.

  3. Greg, as a student of yours I’ve found the information you bring to the table incredibly helpful and in retrospect, find it intriguing that many systems designs are motivated by ‘legal compliance’ yet with no consultation with the legal industry!
    I’m intrigued as to your thoughts on the International Council of Mining and Metals relatively recent approach to focus on Critical Control Management? It appears to align reasonably well with your thoughts on focusing on what matters, unfortunately their use of lead and lag indicators seems to be ‘activity’ based.

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