A time for change

Good afternoon everyone.

After 4 terrific years this is just a short to advise you, that from 15 November 2015 I will no longer be working as the Legal Practice Director at STE. I have been given the opportunity to set up the Nexus Law Group in Western Australia, and after discussions with Ben, we agreed that separating the legal practice from STE would allow both the safety consultancy and the legal practice to grow more effectively.

For clients, the change will not impact my current practice. All of the services that I offer will still be available, at the same rates and on the same terms and conditions.

For readers of the blog – I will keep this site alive, and all of the videos will remain available for people to access. Over time, I will most likely migrate to a new platform, or new blog, but if you continue following I will provide updates and further details as things settle down.

My new contact details are:

Nexus Law Group

Level 28, AMP Building

140 St Georges Terrace

Perth WA 6000

T: 08 6166 3599

M: 0428 652 852

E: gws@nexuslawyers.com.au

Web: www.nexuslawyers.com.au

Thanks you to everyone who has followed my posts, and I look forward to continuing to provide ongoing commentary and updates, including videos, in the years to come.


Greg Smith

2 thoughts on “A time for change

  1. Congratulations Greg and good luck in your new adventure, I am glad you are keeping your blog alive, it has been giving me excellent and pertinent information on the legal side of safety. Cheers.

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