World Safety Organisation Educational Award

Some time ago I posted about the publication of my new book, Contractor Safety Management (see link).

Today, I am very proud to announce that the book has been awarded the Educational Award for 2014 by the World Safety Organisation (

The nomination criteria for the Award is:

Institution, company, training entity, individual, etc., with an above-average program of educational nature in the fields of environmental/occupational safety and health, fire science and safety, public safety, healthcare safety, transportation safety, or similar programs; actively (and above average in) contributing to the protection of people, property, resources and the environment through innovative programs; with distinctive concern for the education of professionals and general public in the disciplines of safety and allied fields.

Once again my sincere thanks to all of the contributors to the book, and especially to Dr Janis Janz for nominating the book (and all of the work that was done to produce it) for the award.

Contractor safety management book

5 thoughts on “World Safety Organisation Educational Award

  1. Well done Greg and well deserved. It is an excellent book that has helped me in the Contractor/Principal minefield.

  2. Congratulations on the award and I am proud to have contributed to the publication.
    Be well and safe
    Fiona Murfitt

  3. Greg,
    congratulations to you! You have continuously strived to educate others in the area of risk and contractor management and finally your hard work has been recognised. Well done.
    Keith Satie

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